Edited to only include Stunt Island-related files

wcPRO files listing.  Date: 11/27/95  8:30am

**** Patch Files & Upgrades

DASWINUP.TXT    3K INFO: Upgrading to Animation Studio Windows Launchable.
LKPS13.TXT      1K Update info for Lion King Print Studio
P1-123.EXE     62K PATCH: Mickey's 123's INSTALL.EXE AutoDetect Crash
P1-ABC.EXE     62K PATCH: Mickey's ABC's INSTALL.EXE Autodetect Crash
P1-BBPK.EXE   166K PATCH: Beauty & the Beast Print Kit - New Printer Drivers
P1-C&S.EXE     62K PATCH: Mickey's Colors & Shapes INSTALL.EXE Autodetect Crash
P1-DAS.EXE    330K PATCH: The Animation Studio 1.1 Patch - READ INFO FIRST!!!
P1-FTR.EXE     61K PATCH: Follow The Reader INSTALL.EXE AutoDetect Crash
P1-H&E.EXE     61K PATCH: Heaven & Earth INSTALL.EXE AutoDetect Crash
P1-HRH.EXE    304K PATCH: Hare Raising Havoc - Sound Blaster MCV/Thunderboard
P1-ROCK.EXE    55K PATCH: The Rocketeer - Sound Blaster MCV/Thunderboard
P1-SI.EXE      61K PATCH: Stunt Island INSTALL.EXE AutoDetect Crash
P2-123.EXE    749K PATCH: Mickey's 123's v1.5 Sound Blaster Patch
P2-ABC.EXE    711K PATCH: Mickey's ABC's v1.5 Sound Blaster Patch
P2-C&S.EXE    678K PATCH: Mickey's Colors & Shapes v1.5 Sound Blaster Patch
P2-MJP.EXE    606K PATCH: Mickey's Jigsaw Puzzles v1.5 Sound Blaster Patch.
P3-SI.EXE    1189K PATCH: Stunt Island Sound Blaster Patch          File 1 of 5
P3-SI2.EXE    783K PATCH: Stunt Island Sound Blaster Patch          File 2 of 5
P3-SI3.EXE    685K PATCH: Stunt Island Sound Blaster Patch          File 3 of 5
P3-SI4.EXE   1158K PATCH: Stunt Island Sound Blaster Patch          File 4 of 5
P3-SI5.EXE    375K PATCH: Stunt Island Sound Blaster Patch          File 5 of 5
PB-FTR-A.EXE  771K PATCH: Follow The Reader v1.1 Sound Blaster Patch.    1 of 3
PB-FTRB.EXE   748K PATCH: Follow The Reader v1.1 Sound Blaster Patch.    2 of 3
PB-FTRC.EXE   734K PATCH: Follow The Reader v1.1 Sound Blaster Patch.    3 of 3
README.TXT     21K PATCH INFORMATION: Sound Blaster Patch Upgrades. DOS programs only.
SSUPGRDE.TXT    3K INFO: Information on getting the Sound Source Driver Disk
WIN31DRV.ZIP   22K UPGRADE: The Sound Source Windows Sound Driver.
WINLNCH.EXE   105K UPGRADE: Windows Launchers for Disney Software's (DOS) based Programs.

**** Stunt Island Films         IBM

001.FLM       111K .FLM File. "Clash of the Sabre" by George Dean.
2000AD.ZIP     84K .FLM File. "2000 AD" by Yen Chen.
AFS.FLM        46K .FLM file. "Adventures of Frank & Scott" by James Slayton.
AIRHEAD.ZIP   107K .FLM/.ALL Files. "Airhead Films Logo" by David Southwood.
AIRPORT.ZIP   151K .FLM/.ALL Files. "Airport Mishap" by Danny Rosenbaum.
AIRSALL.ZIP   276K .FLM/.ALL Files. "F-18 Airshow" by Brian Lawler.
AIRSFLM.ZIP    43K .FLM File. "F-18 Airshow" by Brian Lawler
AIRWAR.ZIP    206K .FLM File. "Air War" by Shogo Iwai.
APERNSTY.ZIP  903K .FLM/.ALL Files. "Pterodactylmen of Pern" by Edward Reno.
APES.ZIP      240K .FLM File. "Apes" by Wayne Poe.
APESALL.ZIP   236K 241K .FLM/.ALL ".all file for"
APPROACH.ZIP  324K .FLM/.ALL Files. "Final Approach" by Gene Davis.
AQUA_JET.ZIP   15K .FLM/.SET Files. "Aquaduct Jet Chase" by Jeremy Reaban.
ARMYATTK.ZIP   87K .FLM/.ALL files. "Army Attack" by Paul Underwood.
ATA.ZIP        25K .FLM File. "ATA" by Shogo Iwai.
ATTACK.ZIP    272K .FLM/.ALL Files. "P-38 Attack" by Eric Moody.
AUTOMATE.ZIP    9K INFO: .TKE\.SET files. Tutorial on automated props.
BACKSTB1.ZIP  247K .FLM File. "Back Stab" by Lance Micklus.  20 minute movie!
BACKSTB2.ZIP  924K .ALL File. "Back Stab" by Lance Micklus. (for BACKSTB1.ZIP)
BADLAND.ZIP    42K .FLM File. "No Place To Land" by Ikbal Bliss
BALANCE.ZIP   209K .FLM/.ALL Files. "Balance" by Rafael Tiffany.
BALOON-A.ZIP  342K .FLM/.ALL/.SET Files. "WWI Ballon Buster" by Edward Reno.
BALOON-F.ZIP  124K .FLM/.SET Files. "WWI Ballon Buster" by Edward Reno.
BANDIT.ZIP     24K .FLM File. "Highway Bandit" by Ikbal Bliss.
BANK.ZIP       13K .FLM File "Film of Bank Robbery" By Patrick Hartman
BARN.ZIP      101K .FLM/.ALL Files. "Barnyard" by Danny Rosenbaum.
BATHROOM.FLM   13K .FLM File. "When You Gotta Go..." by Patrick Di Panni.
BATTLE.FLM     79K .FLM File. "Attack on a fleet of P38s" by Seth Norman
BEAR.ZIP       57K .FLM File. "Tupolev Bombing Run" by James Frymire.
BEARSALL.ZIP 1202K .ALL File. "Dances With Bears" by Shawn Jipp. File 2 of 2.
BEARSFLM.ZIP  160K .FLM/.SET Files. "Dances With Bears" by Shawn Jipp.  1 of 2.
BEAR_SET.ZIP    2K .SET File. "P-51 Shooting Down Two Bears" By Kurt Frymire.
BHCHASE.ZIP    54K .FLM File. "Blackhawk Chase" by Joshua Rothman.
BIGFOOT.ZIP     4K .FLM File. "Bigfoot" by Craig Weinman.
BIGMAN.ZIP    205K .FLM File "The Bigman" by Steve St.John
BILLY1.ZIP    105K .FLM/.ALL Files. "Billy Bulldozer" by Dan Schwemlein.
BLOODY.ZIP     48K .FLM File. "Messy Escape from Alcatraz" by Barry Johnson.
BOMBCITY.ZIP   14K .FLM File. "Terrorist Bombing" by Axel Guiloff.
BOMBING.ZIP    23K .FLM/.SET Files. "Bombing Tutorial" by Dave & Leonard
BOMBRUN.ZIP   229K .FLM File. "Bombing Run Tutorial" by Rafael Tiffany.
BOMRUN.ZIP    441K .FLM/.ALL Files. "Way Cool A-10 Mission" by Pete Paglia.
BOMRUN1.ZIP    87K .FLM File. "Bombing Run" by Pete Paglia.
BONDO.ZIP     262K .FLM File. "Jimmy Bondo" by George White.
BRNSTRM.ZIP   225K .FLM/.ALL/.SET Files. "Barnstormers" by Michael Brunk.
BRNTRI.ZIP     91K .FLM/.ALL/.SET Files. "Barn To the Future" by Phil "BW" Camp
BUSDRIVR.ZIP   90K .FLM/.ALL Files. "Insane Bus Driver" by Lance Micklus.
BUSMAN.ZIP     30K .FLM File. "Bus Man" by Max Shantar.
BUSMAN2.ZIP    24K .FLM/.SET Files. "The Return of Busman" by Evan Thompson
BUSMAN3.ZIP    85K .FLM/.SET Files. "Busman is back again" by Steven Whitacre
CAN.ZIP       144K .FLM/.ALL File. "F18A Canyon Flying" by Marc Sipe.
CARRIER.FLM    45K .FLM File. "F-18 Hornet Carrier Landing" by Adam Soloway
CARRIER.ZIP    27K .FLM File. "Carrier" by Kurt Frymire.
CATCH.ZIP      16K .FLM/.SET Files. "Catch That Guy" by Jim "Jimbo" Ross.
CHASE.ZIP     188K .FLM File. "The Chase" by Larry Schneider.
COLISEUM.ZIP  261K .FLM/.SET/.TKE Files. "Save the Coliseum" by Scott Stephens
COLLECTN.ZIP  124K .FLM File. "The Kurt Frymire Collection" by Kurt Frymire.
COLLISN.FLM    14K .FLM File. "Airliner Collision at LAX" by James Slayton.
COPTER.ZIP     74K .FLM/.ALL Files. "A Helicopter Landing" by J.D. Bamboo.
CORSAIR.FLM    17K .FLM File. "Corsair Carrier Takeoff" by Tim Edmonds
COW.ZIP        87K .FLM File "One Angry Cow" by Brad Simpson - Great Film
COWS.ZIP       31K .FLM File. "Cows" by Randy Lockwood.
COWSRVNG.ZIP  101K .FLM File. "A cow's revenge...." by Dave Hansen.
DAGS09.ZIP    268K .FLM/.ALL File. "The Last Warbird" by Dave Goodwin.
DC10.ZIP      299K .FLM/.ALL Files. "Disaster on Flight 289" by J.D. Bamboo.
DEMO01.ZIP     66K .FLM File. "UFO Demo" by Unknown.  Text is in German.
DESPERAT.ZIP 1103K .FLM/.SMP Files. A film by Barry Johnson.
DESTR.ZIP      19K .FLM File. "Destruction On The Bridge" by Jeff Haas.
DHIWAY.ZIP    169K .FLM/.ALL File. "The Highway" Stunt Island Film, Dig. Vers.
DING.ZIP      433K .FLM/.ALL Files. "Dingead and Dollface" by Bob Dence.
DING2.ZIP     885K .FLM/.ALL Files. "Dinghead and Dollface II" by Bob Dence.
DING3.ZIP     447K .FLM/.ALL Files. "Dinghead and Dollface III" by Bob Dence.
DINTRO.ZIP    353K .FLM/.ALL Files. "Stunt Island Intro"  Digital Music Version
DOGFITE.ZIP    36K .FLM File. "F-18/Mig-29 Dogfight" by Kurt Frymire.
DPLANES.ZIP   382K .FLM/.ALL Files. "The Planes" Digital Music Version.
DRIVING.ZIP    25K .FLM/.SET Files. "Making Cars Turn Corners" Tutorial by Dave
DRUGALL.ZIP   286K .FLM/.ALL/.SET Files. "Drug Wars" by Brain Lawler.
DRUGSET.ZIP    47K .FLM/.SET Files. "Drug Wars" by Brian Lawler.
DUCKHUNT.ZIP  120K .FLM File. "Duck Hunting Trip" by Mike Cornelius.
EAGLE.ZIP     193K .FLM File. "Eagle" by Charles Hamilton
ELECTRO.ZIP   199K .FLM File. "Electro Man" by Ikbal Bliss (12+ minute film)
ESCAPE.ZIP     15K .FLM File. "The Escape" by Chris Brook.
ESCDTH.ZIP     56K .FLM File. "Escape from Death" by Greg McLeod & Mark O'Byrne
F15.ZIP       321K .FLM/.ALL Files. "F-15 EAGLE" by Steve Brundler.
F162.ZIP      237K .FLM/.ALL Files. "F16" by Axel Guiloff.
FIELD.ZIP       9K .FLM File. "The Bad Field Trip" by Craig Weinman
FIGHT.ZIP     116K .FLM File. "Billy vs Jeff" by Billy Benson.  9 minutes!
FILMS.ZIP      90K .FLM File. "Ghost of a Warbird" by Bill Lock.
FIND&HIT.ZIP   12K .FLM/.SET Files. "Tutorial #5: Intercept & Collide"
FISHTRIP.ZIP   29K .FLM File. "A Fishing Trip" by Mike Cornelius.
FLYARCH.ZIP   143K .FLM/.ALL Files. "A Short Film" by Myles Villoria.
FLYBY.ZIP      27K .FLM/.SET Files. "Flyby" by Eric Moody.
FLYTHRU.ZIP    15K .FLM/.SET/.TKE Files. "Stunt Island Film" by Brad Elliot.
FREEWAY.ZIP    79K .FLM/.ALL Files. "Wrong Place, Wrong Time" by J.D. Bamboo.
FUGITIVE.FLM   93K .FLM File. "Man Escaping Alcatraz" by David Chung.
FUTURE.ZIP     23K .FLM/.SET Files. "Back To The Future" by Larry Schneider.
HAHA.ZIP      207K .FLM/.ALL Files. "Horsing Around" by TTMY.
HANG.ZIP       10K .FLM File "Hang gliding on STUNT ISLAND By Tim Edmonds
HANGIN.ZIP    362K .FLM/.ALL Files. "Hang In There" by Chris McNulty.
HAUNTED.ZIP    19K .FLM/.SET files. "Nightmare on Stunt Island" by Tim Edmonds
HAWK.ZIP       31K .FLM File. "Hawk Destroys Football Field" by Bryce Penberthy
HELPCK.ZIP      3K .SET File. "Get The Towel Stunt" by Jim Ross.
INCOMMIN.ZIP  537K .FLM/.ALL Files. "Incomming" by Tom Minton.
INSANE.ZIP    146K .FLM/.ALL Files. "The Insane Cameraman" by Bryce Penberthy.
INSANEFL.ZIP   27K .FLM File. "The Insane Cameraman" by Bryce Penberthy
INSURE1.ZIP   242K .FLM/.ALL files.  "Insurance Commercial #1" by D. Southwood
INSURE2.ZIP   178K .FLM/.ALL Files.  "Insurance Commercial #2 by D. Southwood.
INTRO.FLM       5K .FLM File. "My intro for Stunt Island!!" by Wizard.
JASON.FLM      90K .FLM File. "Barnstorming" by Tim Edmond's son!
JEEPFALL.ZIP   33K .FLM File. "Hit the Jeep" by Barry Johnson.
JOYRIDE1.ZIP   50K .FLM File. "Joyride" by Kevin Day & Jeff Rahn.  1 of 2
JOYRIDE2.ZIP  296K .ALL File. "Joyride" by Kevin Day & Jeff Rahn.  2 of 2
JURASIC1.ZIP   29K .FLM File. "Jurassic Park II-preview" by Mark O'Byrne.  1of2
JURASIC2.ZIP  348K .ALL File. "Jurassic Park II-Preview" by Mark O'Byrne.  2of2
LAND.ZIP        2K .SET File. "Landing on the Yorktown" by Kurt Frymire.
LAXCRACH.ZIP   21K .FLM File. "LAX Crash" by Unknown.
LEAP.ZIP      148K .FLM/.ALL Files. "Leap of Faith" by Michael Brunk.
LIBERTY.ZIP    49K .FLM File. "Liberty" by Barry Johnson.
LIMITS.ZIP     21K .FLM File. "Limitations" by Ikbal Bliss.
MACIDENT.ZIP    7K .FLM File. "The Missile Accident" by David Chrismas.
MAXX1.ZIP     562K .FLM/.ALL Files. "Meet Maxx Stunt" by Courtney Jackson.
MICROSFT.ZIP  112K .FLM File. "MicroSoft Takes Over The World" by Quarex Osis
MIGDEATH.ZIP  127K Mig Death! A FLM for Stunt Island about a MIG29 and an F18. My 1st FLM
MISSION.ZIP   120K .FLM File. "This Mission" by Michael Bay
MISSLE1.ZIP    11K .FLM File. "A Missile Test" by David Chrismas.
MOTOR1.ZIP    175K .FLM/.ALL Files. "Motor Stunt #1" by Rafael Tiffany.
MOVIE.FLM      16K .FLM File. "Cafe crash" by Seth Norman.
MOVIE.ZIP      98K .FLM File. "The UFO" by Yen Chen.
PARAES.ZIP     31K .FLM File. "Parachute Escape" by Paul Rydell/Tom Scharfeld.
PEARL.ZIP     676K .FLM/.ALL File: "Pearl Harbor" by Don Cameron
PETRO.ZIP     114K .FLM File. "Ze Petrol Intercept" By Tom Minton
PHALYNX.ZIP     7K .FLM File. "Navy Phalynx Gun in Action" by Adam Soloway.
PICKUP.ZIP    203K .FLM/.ALL/.SET Files. "Revenge of the Ptery" by D. Willens.
PITTS.FLM      37K .FLM File. "stunt flying pitt special" by Tim Edmonds
PKACKTUS.ZIP  502K .FLM/.ALL/.TKE/.SET Files. "Desert Escape" by Lance Micklus.
POE3.ZIP      226K .FLM File. "The Enterprise Incident" by Wayne Poe.
POE3ALL.ZIP   845K 854K .FLM/.ALL ".all file for Stunt Island film"
POE4.ZIP       10K .FLM File. "Delorean Test 1" by Wayne Poe.
POE4ALL.ZIP   334K 341K .FLM/.ALL ".all file for Stunt Island film,"
POE5.ZIP      291K .FLM File. "Fartman" by Wayne Poe.
POE5ALL.ZIP   834K 854K .FLM/ALL ".all file for Stunt Island film"
POE6.ZIP      141K 144K .FLM/.ALL "stunt island film"
POE6ALL.ZIP   404K 414K .FLM/.ALL ".all file for stunt island film,"
POLICE.ZIP     38K .FLM File. "Super Police Car" by Yen Chen.
POST.FLM        1K .FLM File "Disgruntled Postal Workers Convention"
PRE-MTK.ZIP    14K .FLM File. "Preview of Mission to Kill" by Philip Choi
PSYBUS.ZIP      9K .FLM File. "Psycho Bus Driver Redone" by Rafael Tiffany.
RAID.ZIP      121K .FLM/.ALL files. "City Raid" By Paul Underwood.
REALISM.ZIP   351K .FLM/.ALL/.SET/.TKE Files. SIUPDATE Tutorial #4: Set Realism
REDALRT1.ZIP   61K .FLM File. "Red Alert" by Keith Heitmann. File 1 of 2.
REDALRT2.ZIP  316K .ALL File. "Red Alert" by Keith Heitmann.  File 2 of 2.
REMOTE.ZIP     14K .FLM/.SET Files.  "Radio Control Flying DEMO" by SYSOP.
REMOTE3.ZIP     8K .FLM File. "RC Flying in REMOTE.SET" by Tim Edmonds.
RENEGADE.ZIP   25K .FLM File: "Truck On The Rampage" by Glenn Highcove.
RETURN.ZIP    249K .FLM/.SMP Files. "Mickey's Return" by Christian Zane
REV2PREV.ZIP   49K .FLM File. "Mickey's Revenge 2-PREVIEW" by Christian Zane.
REVENGE.ZIP   168K .FLM file. "Mickey's Revenge" by Christian Zane.
REVFIGHT.ZIP   88K .FLM File.  "Dogfight!" by Christian Zane.
REVSAV.ZIP     37K .FLM File. "Savages" by Christian Zane.
REVTIPS.ZIP     8K Stunt Island Tips & Tricks by Christian Zane
RGC10.ZIP       5K .FLM File. "Preview" by Dick Campbell.
ROD.FLM        13K .FLM File. A film done by Seth Norman
ROSWELL.FLM    90K .FLM File. "UFO Crash In Roswell, NM" by Bob Menikheim.
ROSWELL.ZIP   234K .FLM/.ALL Files. "UFO Crash In Roswell, NM" by Bob Menikheim
SCENE4.ZIP     76K Stunt Island Scene 4 Stunt--FLM and ALL files
SCENE5.ZIP     79K .FLM File. "Save the Governor--Stunt 5" by Dick Campbell.
SCOUT.ZIP      62K .FLM File. "Scout" by Shogo Iwai.
SHIWAY.ZIP    112K .FLM/.ALL Files. "The Highway" Synthesized Music Version
SHOOTER.ZIP    32K .FLM file. "Shooter" by Tim White
SHUTTL.ZIP     36K .SET/.TKE Files. "Shuttle Landing" by Randy Lockwood.
SHUTTLE.ZIP    34K .FLM File. "Shuttle Takeoff" by Unknown.
SI-CAR.ZIP    344K .FLM/.ALL/.SET Files. "Save The Stealth" by Scott Stephens.
SICON.TXT      29K INFO: Compuserve Stunt Island Formal Conference text.
SICR1.ZIP     482K .FLM/.ALL Files. "Carrier Strike" by Glen "Wiley" Wilson.
SIDEM1D.ZIP   950K .FLM/.ALL Files. "Demo #1: Scouting Locations" Digital Music
SIDEM1S.ZIP   529K .FLM/.ALL Files. "Demo #1: Scouting Locations" Synth Version
SIDEM2D.ZIP   650K .FLM/.ALL Files. "Demo #2: The Aircraft" Digital Music Vers.
SIDEM2S.ZIP   402K .FLM/.ALL File. "Demo #2: The Aircraft" Synthesized Music.
SIDEM3D.ZIP  1156K .FLM/.ALL Files. "Demo #3: Our Movie" Digital Music Version.
SIDEM3S.ZIP   970K .FLM/.ALL Files. "Demo #3: Our Movie" Synthesized Music Vers
SIDM3AD.ZIP   806K .FLM/.ALL Files. "SI Demo #3 - Section A"  Digital Music
SIDM3BD.ZIP   363K .FLM/.ALL Files. "SI Demo #3 - Section B"  Digital Music
SIDM3CD.ZIP   482K .FLM/.ALL Files. "SI Demo #3 - Section C"  Digital Music
SILPLAY.EXE   193K Demo: Stunt Island Looping Player Utility for Stores.
SINTRO.ZIP    249K .FLM/.ALL Files. "Stunt Island Intro" Synthesized Music.
SIPIC1.GIF     15K .GIF File. "Stunt Island" Preview Shot for Compuserve.
SIPLAY.EXE    196K DEMO: Stunt Island Film Player.
SIPREV.ZIP     22K .FLM File. "Jimmy Bondo" by George White.
SITIPS.TXT      7K INFO: Hints for first time film maker by David Plesic.
SITUTOR1.TXT   24K INFO: Keith Heitmann's Stunt Island Tutorial #1
SITUTOR2.TXT   16K INFO: Keith Heitmann's Stunt Island Tutorial #2
SMASH.ZIP       4K .FLM File. "Smash" by Billy Benson.
SMUGGL.ZIP    127K .FLM/.ALL/.SET Files. "Get Those Smugglers" by Jim Ross.
SPDKLS_1.ZIP  355K .FLM/.ALL Files. "Speed Kills - Part 1" by Michael Brunk
SPLANES.ZIP   318K .FLM/.ALL Files. "The Planes" Synthesized Music Version.
SPY1.ZIP       54K .FLM File. "Spy Planes" by Unknown.
SR71.ZIP       14K .FLM File. "SR-71s Under the Golden Gate" By Craig Weinman.
SR71FLM.FLM    78K .FLM File. "SR-71 Recon Mission" by Scott Chrismas.
SR71GGX2.ZIP  152K .FLM/.ALL Files. "SR71 Under Golden Gate x 2" by J.D. Bamboo
SR71UNDR.ZIP  121K .FLM/.ALL Files. "SR-71 Under Golden Gate" by Craig Weinman.
STALK.ZIP      24K .FLM File. "STALKED Sneak Preview" by Adam Soloway.
STEALTH.ZIP   311K .FLM/.ALL Files. "Your Worst Nightmare" by J.D. Bamboo.
STEALTHY.ZIP  311K .FLM/.ALL Files. "Stealth Fighter" by Jean Ladue.
STORMDX.ZIP    18K .FLM File "Desert Storm A-10 mission" By Patrick Hartman
STUNT1.ZIP      4K .SET File. "Aircraft and Objects Shoot Back" by Jim Wynn.
STUNT2.ZIP      3K .SET File. "Escape from the Tanks" by Jim Wynn.
SUNDRIVE.ZIP   46K .FLM File. "Sunday Drive" by James Blanck.
T2.ZIP         30K .FLM File. "T2" by Wayne Poe
T2ALL.ZIP     477K 488K .FLM/.ALL ".all file for Stunt Island film,"
TAJMHALL.ZIP    2K .SET File. "Taj Mahall" by Edward Reno.
TAKEADIP.ZIP   35K .FLM File. "Take A Dip" by Chuck Kadish.
TAKELEAD.ZIP  499K .FLM/.ALL Files. "Take Me To Your Leader" by Lance Micklus.
TAKEOFF2.SET    2K .SET File. New take off set for stunt island by Seth Norman.
TARGDC10.FLM   10K .FLM File. "Target: DC-10" by Matt Cantrell.
TAXI-OFF.ZIP   22K .FLM file. "727 taxi to takeoff" by James Slayton.
TERMIN.ZIP     89K .FLM/.ALL Files. "The Terminator Redone" by Eric J. Floehr.
TERROR1.ZIP   146K .FLM File. "Terror of the Mausoleum" by Mark & Greg.
TERROR2.ZIP   404K .ALL File. "Terror of the Mausoleum" by Mark & Greg.
THE-TRIP.ZIP  183K .FLM File. "A Train Trip" by Tom Minton.
THECHASE.ZIP   55K .FLM File. "Police Chase" by James Blanck.
THEUFO.ZIP     59K .FLM File. "The UFO Encounter" by Kurt Frymire.
TIMINTRO.ZIP   17K My intro .flm, some of my stuff and some of yours from the demo.
TLL.ZIP        24K .FLM File. "Tim Loves Linda" by Tim.
TOPGUN.ZIP     29K .FLM File. "Top Gun" by Jimbo Barber.
TOPGUN2.ZIP   178K .FLM File. "Top Gun 2" by Tim Edmonds.
TOWER.ZIP      16K .FLM File. "The Devils Tower" by Kurt Frymire.
TOXO.ZIP       74K .FLM File. "Toxo-zombies" by David Plesic.
TRAILER.ZIP   605K .FLM/.ALL Trailer for "The Mediocre Facist Dictator of Boz"
TRAINA.ZIP    135K .FLM File. "Train Attacker" by James Slayton.
TRAINESC.ZIP   41K .FLM File. "Train Escape from The Fugitive" by R. Cheung.
TRAINKIL.ZIP   26K .FLM File. "A-10 Train Killer" by Barry Johnson.
TUTORIAL.FLM   24K .FLM File. Tutorial on how to do the barn storming stunt.
UFO.FLM        13K .FLM File "Ufo across the ocean"
UFOCRASH       35K "The End of the Alien Menace"- a stunt island film by Stacy Rasgon
UFO_1.ZIP      98K .FLM File.  "UFO" by Yen Chin.
ULTRA.ZIP      49K .FLM File. "ULTRA" by Shogo Iwai.
UNDERBRG.ZIP  124K .FLM/.ALL Files. "Flying Under Golden Gate" by Lance Micklus
UNIFORM.ZIP   104K .FLM file. "Uniform" 11 minutes of mayhem. By Kieko Watanabe
VIETWAR.FLM    45K .FLM File. "The Vietnam War" by LynxJ from America OnLine
WAR.ZIP       140K .FLM File. "First Day Of The War" by James Frymire.
WARTHOG.ZIP    37K .FLM File. "A-10 Nightmare Commercial" by Steve Goode.
WINGWLK.ZIP    13K .FLM File. "Wing Walker" by Terry Day.
WOW#1ALL.ZIP  722K .ALL File. "Winds Of War" by Keith Heitmann.     File 5 of 8
WOW#1FLM.ZIP  177K .FLM File. "Winds of War" by Keith Heitmann.     File 1 of 8
WOW#2ALL.ZIP  543K .ALL File. "Winds Of War" by Keith Heitmann.     File 6 of 8
WOW#2FLM.ZIP  136K .FLM File. "Winds of War" by Keith Heitmann.     File 2 of 8
WOW#3ALL.ZIP  614K .ALL File. "Winds Of War" by Keith Heitmann.     File 7 of 8
WOW#3FLM.ZIP   97K .FLM File. "Winds Of War" by Keith Heitmann.     File 3 of 8
WOW#4ALL.ZIP  460K .ALL File. "Winds Of War" by Keith Heitmann.     File 8 of 8
WOW#4FLM.ZIP  113K .FLM File. "Winds of War" by Keith Heitmann.     File 4 of 8
WW1.ZIP       194K .FLM/.ALL Files. "WW1: The Zeppelin Attack" by Gene Davis.
X.ZIP         327K .FLM/.ALL Files. "X Marks The Spot" by J.D. Bamboo.
XMAS.ZIP       41K .FLM File. "Christmas Card" by James Blanck.
XXX.ZIP       496K .FLM/.ALL Files. "Suicidal Killer Cars" by G. Richardson.
ZEPPELIN.ZIP  123K .FLM File. "Zeppelin" by Tim Grey.
ZERODALL.ZIP  506K .ALL File. "ZEROFILM.ZIP" Digital Sound by Shogo Iwai.
ZEROFILM.ZIP   51K .FLM File. "Zero Stunt" by Shogo Iwai.
ZEROSALL.ZIP  257K .ALL File. "ZEROFILM.ZIP" MT-32 or AdLib by Shogo Iwai.

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@07@@CLS@@0F@Disney@0B@ @0F@Interactive BBS Rules-----

1.  Have Fun!  (This is Disney after all, so enjoy yourself!)

2.  Be Nice! (The Golden Rule applies here, not the "He Who Has The Gold
    Makes The Rules" version, we use the "Do Unto Others As You Would Have
    Done Unto You" version! )

3.  Don't upload pirated software of any kind.  If you do, Mickey will
    contact the proper authorities, he doesn't like pirates (unless they
    are from the Carribean of course! )  Shareware or Public Domain
    software only please!

4.  Please UPLOAD files in the .ZIP format.  We currently support version
    2.04G of PKZIP.

    If you don't have the utilties to create them, we have the following
    files for IBM (DOS and OS/2) and AMIGA users in self extracting archives:

         PKZ204G.EXE  - The PKWare ZIP Utilities for DOS
         PKZ102-2.EXE - The PKWare ZIP Utilities for OS/2
         PKAZIP.RUN   - The PKWare ZIP Utilities for AMIGA (May not work
                        with ZIPs created by the IBM 2.04 versions.)

5.  Only official Disney Interactive demos or information can
    be mailed to you.  Any other files on this BBS must be downloaded.

6.  Do not post ANY ideas for games on this BBS.  Any ideas that are placed
    on this BBS can be claimed as property of Disney Interactive.  For your@0E@
@0E@   @0F@ own legal protection, please DO NOT post any ideas here!

The operators of this system reserve the right to suspend or delete the
account of any users who they feel are exhibiting conduct of an improper
nature.  Threatening messages of any sort will be referred to the proper


@0E@Pursuant to the Electronic and Communications Privacy Act of 1986, 18
USC 2510 et. seq., Notice is Hereby Given that there are NO FACILITIES
ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATIONS.  DO NOT use this system for ANY communication
for which the SENDER intends ONLY the SENDER and the INTENDED RECIPIENT(s)
to read.  Notice is Hereby Given that all messages are read by the operators
of this system (SYSOP) WHETHER OR NOT they are the INTENDED RECIPIENT(s).

By your use of this system, you agree to HOLD HARMLESS the Operators Therof
against ANY and ALL CLAIMS arising out of said use NO MATTER THE CAUSE OR

@CLS@@0E@WARNING!!!  California Penal Code 502(8)d in part, states:

Any person who maliciously ACCESSES, ALTERS, DELETES, DAMAGES, DESTROYS or
DISRUPTS the operation of any computer system, computer network, computer
program or data is guilty of a public offense.  Any violation is punishable
by a fine not exceeding $10,000, or by imprisonment in the STATE PRISON for
18 months.  In addition to any civil remedy available and for purposes of
actions authorized by this subdivision, the conduct of unemancipated minors
shall be imputed to the parent or legal guardian having control or custody
of the minor.

@0A@By your use of the system you are agreeing with all of the above terms.  If
you do not understand and agree with all of the above terms please disconnect
now by typing +++ and pressing ENTER.  All signup information is confidential
and will only be seen by authorized Disney Interactive personnel.

If you have any questions regarding these rules, please feel free to call
our Customer Service department at (800) 228-0988, and ask to speak to
@SYSOP@, available from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time,
Monday through Friday.  If you wish to read this file again, it is Bulletin
#1 on the@0E@ @0A@bulletin menu, or it can be downloaded as part of the BBSTIPS.TXT
file@0E@ @0A@available in file area #1.@0C@


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This document will be updated regularly to cover any issues that seem to
be a problem for users when using this BBS system.  Please feel free
to make suggestions for other topics to cover in this file.

Connecting to the Disney BBS Properly

Many users call and complain that they are seeing lots of garbage
characters on their screens when they call the Disney BBS.  While in
some cases this can be attributed to line noise or a bad connection,
often it is due to improperly set up communications software.  During
your signup for this BBS, you were asked some questions about Color
and Lines.  If your answer was Yes to those questions, and you are still
seeing garbage around the menus on this BBS, then your software is still
not set properly.

To properly connect with the Disney BBS, your computer system and
communications software should have the following options set.

 1. Your communications program should be set up for 8 data bits.

 2. Your communications software should be set for 1 stop bit.

 3. Your communications software should be set for NO Parity.

 4. Your communications software should be set to ANSI-BBS or ANSI Terminal
    Emulation, if it does not support this emulation, use VT-100.

 5. If you have an error-correcting modem, set AUTO RELIABLE to ON, and set
    CTS/RTS Flow Control to ON in both the Modem, and in the Communications
    software.  Please consult the manuals of your modem and communications
    software for directions on how to do this.

 6. If you are able to change the screen font of your communications program,
    select one that will display the extended ASCII character set.  You
    will know when you have the right font, since the garbage characters
    will suddenly become lines instead of gibberish.

 7. ANSI.SYS may need to be loaded in the CONFIG.SYS file.  You need to
    look in the manuals of your communications software to find out if
    it's required.  If you are not sure, add it in anyway. (Consult your
    DOS manuals for how to set up ANSI.SYS)  Non IBM (AMIGA, Macintosh)
    users who are not able to do this or emulate the ANSI mode should
    therefore select No for Color Menus.

    If you have already selected Yes and are getting garbage on the screen,
    go to the Main Menu and select Y for Your Settings, and change option 6
    to No to turn off the color menus.  You will then see only the plain
    text menus that should display properly.

If you are still having trouble setting up your modem and communications
software after trying these options, consult your manuals or contact the
manufacturers of your modem and/or communications software for details on
setting them up.

Helpful Hints for the Disney Interactive BBS

Q: You advertise this BBS as a FREE BBS, but when I call it from Oklahoma,
   I get charged on my phone bill.  Why is that?
A: There are varying concepts of the word FREE.  Many people prefer the
   "I won't pay for any of it" version.  Others understand it as "Nothing
   is truly FREE".  We here at the Disney BBS like to look at it as "You
   don't have to pay for the Disney parts".  To explain this further, we
   don't charge you anything to use the services here on our computers in
   the form of this BBS.  The phone companies on the other hand will charge
   you to use their phone lines to call our BBS.  We do not have any control
   on that.  We post a phone number that is not a 1-800 number, so any tolls
   or long distance charges incurred by calling our BBS are up to you.  We
   will go into some cost cutting measures later in this document.

Q: Why don't you have a 1-800 BBS?
A: Simply because 1-800 BBS systems tend to get used and abused by people
   because they are FREE.  We allow anyone who is interested in Disney
   Software or the Disney company in general to access the information
   on this BBS.  We also have one or two areas that are of general interest,
   but we mainly want our customers and possible future customers to have a
   method to contact us and get important files for their games.  If we
   had a 1-800 BBS, we would have to spend too much time and money regulating
   it to keep people off of it who wanted to use it for other purposes
   because it is FREE.  I have seen many 1-800 BBS' shut down for this very

Q: It costs me too much to call and look at all the messages and lists of
   files, can't you make it easier for me to get what I need so I don't
   spend so much money calling the BBS?
A: This is a common complaint from users, and we have always had the means
   to save you time and money.  From day 1 on this BBS, there has been a
   file called ALLFILES.ZIP.  It contains several things.  A copy of the
   BBS rules and this help information, a copy of the BBS Newsletter and
   a complete list of all of the files currently available on the BBS.  It
   is archived in the EXE self extracting format for fast downloading and
   viewing.  You can use this list to save you time and money online by
   reading it and deciding ahead of time which files you want to download.
   When you login the next time, you can simply go to the files menu,
   press D for Download, and type in the names of the files you want.  Start
   your download and choose to log off automatically.  Please see the next
   Q&A for another time saving techinque.

Q: There are so many interesting message on this BBS, but I call from New
   York, and I can't afford to stay online to read and reply to them.
   What can I do?
A: Many people ask us about this, and with the switch to the current Wildcat
   BBS software, we have a solution.  On the Message Menu there is an option
   T for Tomcat.  Tomcat is what is referred to as an OLMR, or Off Line
   Mail Reader.  You can use this option to download a .QWK (Quick) Mail
   Packet.  You would then use whatever off line mail reader you have on
   your end to read the notes and write replies.  The next time you visit
   our BBS, you would upload your replies in a .REP file that your OLMR
   automatically creates for you.  This is a great time saving technique,
   especially now that we are adding other message network to our message
   base.  The number of messages will be increasing quite a bit!

   One of the other advantages of our OLMR is that it also provides you with
   copies of the system Newsletter and Bulletins whenever they have been
   updated, and a list of any new files on the BBS.  If you are not down-
   loading any large files, you could complete a session on the BBS in
   under 5 minutes and enjoy all of the features of this BBS.

   For your convenience, we have copies of several OLMR programs like
   Off Line Express Test Drive, Blue Wave and WinQWK in file area 1.

Q: I can't find any of the files I am looking for.  I only see three or
   four file areas, where are the rest of them?
A: Another common problem.  We have many different conferences available
   here on the BBS.  Topics, like Disney Software, Buena Vista Software,
   Animator's Conference, Stunt Island, All Things Disney and the new
   FIDOnet Disney Conference.   Some of these conferences have access to
   only a few of our file areas.  For instance, the Animator's Conference
   only has access to file areas related to Animation, so if you wanted
   Stunt Island files while you were in the Animator's Conference, you
   would not see that file area.  Here's how to fix that.

   Go to the Message Menu or the File Menu and look in the upper right
   corner to see which conference you are currently in.  Press J to bring
   up the Join Conference option.  If you don't know the number of the
   conference you want to join, press L at the option that will appear when
   you pressed J.  A list off all the conferences you can access will appear.
   Simply type in the number of the Conference you want to join, and then
   take another look at the file lists.  You will see a big difference.

   The Private E-Mail, General Public Messages and Disney FIDO conferences
   have access to ALL of the files available on the BBS.  If you want to see
   a list of everything we have to download, please use these conferences.

Some other tips we will flesh out in the next few days.

 1. If you wish to post public messages to ALL users, use a conference
    other than Private E-Mail.

 2. If you have never been on this BBS before, DO NOT use the Search option
    to find files.  The List option will display a complete listing of all
    the files on this system.  If you only want to see files in a certain
    area, after you press L to list the files, press L again to List File
    Areas (these options appear right there onscreen to remind you), and then
    select the number of the area you want to see.  The list of files will
    then scroll by one screen at a time.

 3. When listing the files available on this system, you can use the Mark
    option to mark the files you want to download.  When you see a file you
    want, press M.  A new message will appear asking for the number of the
    files you want, each file has a number to the left of it's description.
    Simply type each of the numbers you want separated by a space, and press
    ENTER.  You will see the numbers you selected are now marked with an
    asterisk.  When you select Download, these files will be listed for you
    in case you change your mind about any of them.  If you still want them
    all, select your download options, and the BBS will start sending them
    to you!

 4. If you want help from Disney or Buena Vista Software directly, do not
    post public messages to ALL, rather, post them to DISNEY SUPPORT or SYSOP.
    That way we will see the notes when we check them first thing in the
    morning.  Public messages to ALL can take as much as a week before
    I see them on occasion!

 5. If you upload a file, please post a short description of what the file
    contains.  If you don't, I have to figure it out, and I might just delete
    the file.  Please also try to use the format we use here to describe
    your files.  It makes things easier for other users!

 6. Make suggestions!  I can't make the BBS better without your suggestions!

 7. TOMCAT Off-Line Mail is available here.  Selecting this option will allow
    you to download a packet of information from this BBS containing new
    Messages, Bulletins, The Newsletter and File Descriptions.  If your
    communications software supports an Off-Line Mail Reader, this is a
    great time saving option!  You can answer notes and plan your next session
    off-line, and save yourself some time the next time you log in!  This will
    be especially useful when the FIDOnet areas go online.

 8. QMODEM 4.5 Test Drive is available here in the file areas in two separate
    files.  This communications software is the sister program to the
    Wildcat BBS software that we use here.  It supports most popular
    protocols and allows you to add others.  It has an Off-Line Mail Reader,
    and is easily set up!  If you download this and you like it, you may
    want to consider upgrading to the full 5.0 or Pro versions which
    offer even better features!

More help information will be available soon!


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@07@@CLS@@0F@How To Contact Disney Software Customer Service

@07@             @0E@     @07@  @8D@ATTENTION!! 800 number for support.@0E@

@0E@      @0B@Disney Interactive Customer Support now has an 800 number for your@0E@
@0E@      @0B@convenience: 1-800-228-0988. Technical support hours are Monday-@0E@
@0E@      @0B@Friday 7am-7pm PST and Saturday 8am-5pm PST. To help us provide@0E@
@0E@      @0B@better service, please be ready with information about the program@0E@
@0E@      @0B@causing the problem and your computer specifications.@0E@

@07@Great customer service depends on how easily your customers can reach you.
To that end, Disney Software and Buena Vista Software want you to be aware
of all the ways you can contact us for Customer Service and Technical

You can always write to us!  We can be reached at the following addresses.

For Disney Software and Buena Vista Software for PC, MACINTOSH, AMIGA, C-64
and Apple II titles, our address is:

     Disney Interactive
     c/o Customer Support
     500 South Buena Vista Street
     Burbank, CA  91521-8460

You can call us Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and
Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. all times are Pacific Standard Time at:

     (800) 228-0988 Disney Interactive Customer Support
     (818) 846-0454 FAX (Please address FAXes to Customer Support)

     FAXes are accepted 24 hours a day.  Messages can be left in Voice
     Mail 24 hours a day.  Please be patient, due to the volume of calls
     we receive, it can take up to three business days to respond to

You can find support on our Bulletin Board System (BBS) 24 hours a day!

     (818) 567-4027 Disney Software/Buena Vista Software Support BBS
                    Settings are 8 data bits, No Parity and 1 stop bit.
                    VT-100 or ANSI Terminal Emulation.  Please see Bulletin
                    #2 for more information or download BBSTIPS.TXT.

     BBS INFO:      Running Wildcat BBS Software on eight lines with Supra
                    V32bis. 14.4 fax/modems.  Running since
                    1990.  We currently have @TUSER@ active users,
                    many file areas and message conferences to choose from.
                    Echomail links to FIDOnet, with other message systems
                    like DisneyNET, RIME, Internet and Compuserve to be
                    added soon.

We can also be reached on many other information services for your
convenience.  Here is a listing of all our service I.D.'s on national
information services.  You can send us E-Mail at any of these addresses:

SERVICE             I.D.
America On-Line     DisneySoft

You can leave private E-mail for our Customer Service Representatives or
leave a public message in the Disney Software area of this service
(CTRL-K: DISNEY SOFTWARE).  We now have a support area available on this
service with a library of files related to our products, as well as a
message area for support.

Compuserve          71333,14

You can leave private E-Mail for our Customer Service Representatives, or use
our public Disney Software/Buena Vista Software support area on Compuserve in
the Game Publishers B+ Forum (GO GAMBPUB).  We have a library of files related
to our products, as well as a message area for support.

GEnie               DisneySoft

You can leave private E-Mail for our Customer Service Representatives, or
post public messages in either the Games Bulletin Board (M805 - Category 3,
Topic 28) or Disney RT (M195 - Category 31, Topic 1).

Internet            71333.14@COMPUSERVE.COM

You can leave E-Mail for our Customer Service Representatives.  Any of the
addresses shown can be used to contact us.  The first and last IDs are the
best ones to use since it comes straight to our BBS.

Prodigy             BWBF40A (Public Bulletin Board ID of Disney SYSOP)

You can leave private E-Mail for our Customer Service Representatives by
posting messages in the PC Connections (JUMP: SOFTWARECONNEX) area or posting
private Email from the Communications area.  The Disney SYSOP also covers the
Game Club, Computer Club, Arts Club and Education Bulletin Boards. Use our
public I.D (shown above) to get a response in the Bulletin Boards.

We hope you will find this information useful.


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@0E@Internet 101 - How to use Internet Email on the Disney BBS

Q: I want someone to write to me from another system connected to
   the Internet, where do I tell them to write?
A: We have very simple addresses here at the Disney Software BBS.  You
   are required to login to this BBS with your real name.  Your Internet
   ID on this system is a combination of your login name and a special
   extension that identifies this BBS.  The special extension is

   Here is an example of how it works:

   You login here as              : @0A@Tom Slick@0E@

@0E@   Your Internet ID here would be :

@0C@Make sure you put a period where the space normally goes in your full name.@0E@

@0E@Also make sure to type your address in lowercase letters.  Some systems can't
use Uppercase characters, so to be on the safe side, always use lower case.

@0E@Q: How do I send email to someone on another system connected to the
A: If you want to send email to someone on another system, follow these
   steps.  You will need to know the Internet ID you are going to write to.
   These steps are useless if you do not know the other persons Internet

   1. Press M at the Main Menu to go to the Message Menu.

   2. Press J to join a new conference.  When you are asked which conference
      to join, select 2 for the UUCP Email Conference.

   3. When you are back at the Message Menu press A to Add a Message.

   4. The prompt should say:

        Add to: "002 - UUCP Email     Internet" or [L]ist Conferences [   ]

      Press ENTER to send a note via Internet, or type 2 and press ENTER
      if you are not in the UUCP Email Conference to make sure you message
      is going to the Internet.

   5. Now the prompt should say:

        To [ENTER] = Abort

      Type in the Internet ID of the person you wish to send email to.  If
      it does not fit in the 25 spaces provided, just type their real name
      and you will put their Internet ID in the first line of the message
      later in these steps (See Step 8).  Press ENTER.

      The BBS may tell you that the name was not found in the User file.
      Ignore this and press C to continue.

   6. The Subject? prompt will now appear.  Type in your subject for this
      note.  If you prefer a more descriptive subject that can be put in the
      25 provided spaces, then type a . (period) and press ENTER.  You can
      put a longer subject on line 2 of your message (See Step 8).

   7. You will now be at the message editing screen as shown below.  If you
      do not see such a screen, you may want to choose Y at the Main Menu and
      select the Full Screen Editor for messages.

   From: Tom Slick                                   [ESCAPE] Save/Edit Menu
     To:                [CTRL-Z] Display Help
Subject: Snidely Whiplash's Mustache                 [CTRL-V] Insert Mode: On

  8.  At this point, you can start typing in your message.  However, if you
      could not fit the Internet address of the person you are writing to
      in the To field in step 5 above, you need to make the first line
      of your message as follows to ensure it will get sent to them. I have
      also shown how you can put a longer subject on line 2 of your message.
      As you can see, the real name of the person I am writing to is in the
      To: field, and their Internet ID, which was longer than 25 characters,
      is on the first line of the message.  This is very important if you
      expect to get your message to the proper person.

   From: Tom Slick                                   [ESCAPE] Save/Edit Menu
     To: Dudley DooRight                             [CTRL-Z] Display Help
Subject: .                                           [CTRL-V] Insert Mode: On
 1: TO:
 2: Subj: Snidely's unbearable waxed mustache!
 4:Dear Dudley,

That's it for Internet 101 for now.  I hope these tips will make it easy for
you to use our system for Internet Email.  We will be adding more information
to this section soon!@07@

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