Stunt Island Document Archive

Manuals and Maps

Stunt Island Manual (PDF)
The game manual in PDF format. It has some flaws and artifacts, but is decent overall
Scanned by: Home of the Underdogs

Stunt Island Manual (Plain Text)
Plain text version of the PDF manual

Stunt Island Map
A scan of the map that came with the game
Scanned by: Mic Healey

Keyboard Control Map
Really handy reference for in-game keys (Local mirror: Light2x, Dark2x)
By: Mic Healey

Disney Official Docs

Extensive tips and tricks from Disney support from the early days of Stunt Island
By: Dave Arnspiger, March 1993

Stunt Island Conference (SICON.TXT)
A 1993 chat with Disney software folks, with tantalizing looks at features and updates that never materialized
March 31, 1993

ALLFILES Disney BBS Listing
A listing of Stunt Island files on the Disney BBS, plus the BBS FAQ and rules
November 27, 1995

Patch #3 README
Describes the sound fixes and other features of cumulative Patch #3
By: Disney Support, 1993

Stunt Island Product Information
Original product info text about the game
By: Disney Support, 1992

Stunt Island Filmmakers Association (SIFA)

Frequently Asked Questions for the Stunt Island Filmmakers Association
By: DeadPhrog, March 1997

Chat with SI developer Adrian Stephens
SIFA chat with Stunt Island's creator
Logged by: Doug Armknecht, August 29, 1997

Page 1 and Page 2 of Arbor Day storyboard
Josh's original storyboard work from the second part of the Labor Day trilogy
By: Josh Horowitz, 1998

Other Docs

Stunt Island History
Major events in the history of Stunt Island
Compiled by: Doug Armknecht, December 2021

Object Editor Tutorial
Tips for getting started with the Stunt Island object editor
By: Doug Armknecht, Dean Newbury, and Adrian Stephens, 1997-2000

SITOOLS Documentation
Notes about the object editor from its creator
By: Adrian Stephens, November 12, 1991

SI Filming Tricks and Tips
The creator of awesome films like Mickey's Revenge shares his knowledge
By: Christian Zane, 1993

SI Movie Making Tips
Nice set of tips from the creator of TOXO-ZOMBIES
By: David K. Plesic, 1993

Reviews & Ads

COMPUTE! Magazine 1993 Review (PDF)
Best quote: "Stunt Island seems too rare and too powerful to simply be called a game."
Scanned By:

Stunt Island Magazine Ad
An advertisement with lots of screen shots, from the UK

Review by David Pipes
A nice 1992 review of the game

Review by David Pollock
A December 1992 user review found on

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