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As of December 2021, SI Central is back on the web with more files and resources than ever!
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Info Icon What is Stunt Island?
Don't have Stunt Island? Poor soul. Check here to see if you're interested.

DOSBox Icon DOSBox Tips
How to run Stunt Island well on modern systems with emulation

Document Icon SI Document Archive
FAQs, chats, tips, and a wealth of information collected through the years

Code Icon Hacking Stunt Island
Tools and tips for extracting resources and reverse-engineering the game

File Icon Stunt Island Files
Updates, films, and archives to enhance Stunt Island

Document Icon Stunt Island Links
Links to Stunt Island resources, current and archived. Find out which ones are hot!

Microphone Icon The Making of Stunt Island
An excellent 2020 interview with Adrian Stephens, with other info about the game (External)

Film Icon Stunt Island Fans and Filmmakers Group
A Facebook group to connect with other Stunt Islanders, similar to the old SIFA groups (External)

YouTube Icon Stunt Island Central YouTube Channel
Watch Stunt Island films and other featured videos (External)


Quick Start: Get back into Stunt Island

Play Stunt Island in Browser - No installation required!
Hint: Lookup copy protection data here. Press CTRL-F12 repeatedly to increase emulation speed

Purchase Stunt Island at Good Old Games or Steam
(includes emulator so it runs on modern Windows and Mac systems)

Download the Stunt Island Full Archive - Hundreds of classic films, plus game patches and docs

Watch films created with Stunt Island on my YouTube channel


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