10, MARCH 31, 1993.
  ...The following is a little chit-chat before the formal conference actually
  began. . .
       Jim Ross/Host: Ah Dave glad to see U back on. Rick Lee is  also 
               | keeping a transcript will
               | be back here very shortly.
               | Ah, Rick back on. CIM, rick?
               | But yegods we lost Disney again! Hehe. Relax, folks.
       Rick L./Assoc SysOp: OK... I'm up and running with the CIM transcript now.
       Jim Ross/Host: Great show, Rick. Now awaiting Disney's return. 
               | We're going to have Dave
               | Arnspiger, Ron Fortier (Producer), Adrian Stephens, and a cast 
               | of 1000's.
       Roland Jung: Hangin' round now, had some tech. difficulties earlier
       Jim Ross/Host: Yeah, happens to us all.
       Rick L./Assoc SysOp: Here they come
       Ian Jasper: Hi there back again, will just watch for the moment!
       Jim Ross/Host: Drumming fingers on table...Disney was here for a 
               | while, I think they're
       Jim Ross/Host: out getting a transcript ready.  Aha, the door 
               | opens. . . .
       Rick L./Assoc SysOp: Hi Ian... Greetings to the UK
       Jim Ross/Host: Ah, hi Jim E.
       Jim Elmore: yea, but what am I doing here !
               | Why did I get lured into this room ?
       Jay     | Did we lose Dave again?
       Jim Ross/Host: Hehe. This is a "formal" conference on Stunt Island, 
               | Jim, but formal part
               | hasn't started yet. . . Just a mo.
       Ian Jasper: Hi rick nice to speak to you, been a bit busy lately, what 
               | with late shifts and all that! All well??
       Jim Ross/Host: Yeah, lost Dave again. They were eating Chinese food.
       Disney Software: Dave..>OK, we are here!
       Jay     | Sounds about right...
       Rick L./Assoc SysOp: Everything is just great around here Ian.
               | They're baaaAAAAaaack
       Jim Ross/Host: Aha. Dave again. Hang in there Dave. Don't desert 
               | us. Two transcripts going
       Jay     | Yeah!
       Jim Elmore: I gotta go file an amended report...see you jim.
       Jim Ross/Host: Hokeydokey, folks. I hereby announce that the First 
               | Annual (we hope)
               | Stunt Island formal conference is under way. . . .
       Jim Elmore: ...poof...
       Jim Ross/Host: General procedure: as I just did, end line with ... 
               | if you have more to say
               | and GA when you're done.
               | As with all formal conferences, I'll call on the Disney people 
               | for some
               | introductory comments. . .
               | and then open up the floor for questions.  But right now. . .
               | Any preliminary questions on procedure from anybody?  speak up. 
               | Lovely lovely. Now, Dave, introduce your people and call on 
               | them for . . .
               | introductory comments. The floor's yours, Dave Arnspiger.  GA
       Rick L./Assoc SysOp: 
       Disney Software: Disney/Dave..>I have with me tonight, Ron Fortier, the 
               | Producer.
               | I also have Cary Hara, Software Engineer!
               | Leonard D'Ambrosio, Tester/Pilot, and
               | Helen Fillman, Our single white female from Marketing!
               | WE are new to this, so bear with us!...
               | We are happy to be here, and ready to answer all those 
               | questions about Stunt Island.
               | ...
               | We are sorry to report that Adrian Stephens, the Developer, 
               | could not be with us due to illness!
       Jim Ross/Host: O.k. Dave? Ron, you have any preliminary remarks to 
               | make before we go?
       Disney Software: Disney/Ron..>Just that we are really excited about 
               | Stunt Island, and rarin' to go!
               | Let's take some questions!
       Jim Ross/Host: O.k. Procedure, folks. . .
               | At my signal, hit "?" when you have a question, and I'll call 
               | on U in order
               | Go ahead with "?"s now. GA
       Jim Ross/Host: Ok. The floor is yours, C. Lafferty. Ask question 
               | and I'll give you followup
       r C. Lafferty: First of, I'd just like to say GREAT GAME!!  I was curious 
               | as to when expansion ....
               | disks would be available and what they may contain! GA
       Jim Ross/Host: Get that, Disney folks? GA
       Disney Software: Disney/Ron..>We have planes and stunts already complete, 
               | but we are still working on enhancements..
               | to the technology.  We aren't quite ready to announce a release 
               | date...
               | at this time.
       Jim Ross/Host: Followup, C Lafferty?
       r C. Lafferty: yes...
               | Any new scenery likely to be included.? and what kind of 
               | enhancements do you mean.. if you can say GA
       Disney Software: Disney/Ron..>We are woring on texture mapping,...
               | ease of use of the animation engine....
               | and additional professional editing features.....
               | do you have any specific things you are looking for in the 
               | upgrade? GA
       Jim Ross/Host: Any particulars, C Lafferty?
       r C. Lafferty: Everything I wanted, you basically named.. Except maybe 
               | additional pre-defined sets!!  GA
       Disney Software: Disney/Ron..>There will be more sets too! GA
       Jim Ross/Host: Thanks. Lee Perkins, a question?
       Lee Perkins: yes..
       Lee Perkins: How widespread was the pink ocean thing I experienced before 
               | I got the patch.GA
       Disney Software: Disney/Cary..>Mainly on local bus video machines, and a 
               | few off brand SVGA cards.
               | Not too bad, oops! 
       Jim Ross/Host: Followup, Lee?
       Lee Perkins: not now ,thanks. GA
       Disney Software: Disney/Dave..>For those who are curious, I am doing all 
               | the typing...
               | the other guys can spell! 
       Jim Ross/Host: O.k. Rick Lee, you're up.
       Rick L./Assoc SysOp: Hehehe
               | OK... could you please elaborate...
               | on the "texture mapping"?
       Jim Ross/Host: Texture mapping, Disney?
       Disney Software: Disney/Ron..>We have images mapped on planes right 
               | now....
               | we are just trying to find appropriate images and uses for the 
               | technology...
               | to enhance the visuals.  GA
       Jim Ross/Host: Good. Followup, Rick?
       Rick L./Assoc SysOp: Hmmmm
               | I'm not sure I understand...
               | what has images mapped on it in the original game?
       Disney Software: Disney/Ron..>The ability to wrap a picture, like nose 
               | art onto the planes...
               | camoflauge on planes, etc. GA
       Jim Ross/Host: Ah, wowie. Sounds great.
       Rick L./Assoc SysOp: I think I misunderstood...
       Rick L./Assoc SysOp: you didn't mean to say that the original had 
               | textures mapped... right?
       Disney Software: Disney/Dave..>Some of the p[lanes
               | Some of the planes already have a crude implementation of 
               | that...
               | we are enhancing it.  IE: F-86, Sopwith Camel. GA
       Rick L./Assoc SysOp: I see... thanks... all for now... GA.
       Jim Ross/Host: Good shot, Disney. Now, you're up, Dick Campbell. Go 
               | ahead, Dick.
       Dick Campbell: Hello--Regarding the user sound sample files
               | is there any way to import or merge the sound sample files 
               | together.
       Jim Ross/Host: Go ahead, Diz.
       Disney Software: Disney/Cary..>Disney/Cary..>Do you mean the .SMP files, 
               | or the individual .VOC files?
       Dick Campbell: Yes-the sample files.
       Dick Campbell: USER1.SMP
       Jim Ross/Host: Got it, Cary?
       Disney Software: Disney/Cary..>No,not directly right now, but we may be 
               | able to publish something like that...
               | With enough demand!  It's fairly easy to do.  You can always 
               | concatenate them as .VOCs. GA
       Jim Ross/Host: That would be very helpful. I have a whole buncha 
               | .SMP's and they're a mess
               | Followup, Dick Campbell?
       Dick Campbell: Ok--I as
               | I asked because I now have two USER1.SMP files with 
               | only 5 sounds and 2 sounds in them.
       Jim Ross/Host: right. Thanks both. Now, Lee Perkins again. Fire 
               | away, Lee. GA
       Disney Software: Disney/Dave..>Cary's mind is whirling, I think you may 
               | see that type of tool in the next one!  GA
       Jim Ross/Host: Sure hope so. Lee?
       Lee Perkins: Any possibility of Thrustmaster support for the FCS hat ? GA
       Disney Software: Disney/Ron..>Not currently, but we will look into it!
       Jim Ross/Host: If I didn't know this was a game I would think that 
               | was code. Diz? GA
       Disney Software: Disney/Dave..>What?
       Jim Ross/Host: Followup, Lee?
       Lee Perkins: Later thanks
       Jim Ross/Host: Ok. End of the line. Floor's open for your "?"'s, 
               | folks. Roland? Jay?
       Jim Ross/Host: George White, you have the floor. GA
       George White: first off great game, truly amazing...
       George White: is the development team overall surprised by the...
               | type of movies being created. movies without planes? GA
       Jim Ross/Host: You surprised, Disney?
       Disney Software: Disney/Ron..>No, we expected that!  We are impressed 
               | with them though! GA
       Jim Ross/Host: Followup, George (BTW, folks, George wrote one!!). GA
       George White: yes...
               | If you expected that are you going to add car support and maybe 
               | people walking..
               | and things besides flying? GA
       Disney Software: Disney/Ron..>More than likely that will be in the next 
               | FULL rev, not in the 
       Disney Software: upgrades..
               | Lot's of requests for that though! GA
       Jim Ross/Host: I bet. Now, Jay, you're up. GA Jay.
       Jay     | Will the ability to design...
               | your own props be added? GA
       Disney Software: Disney/Ron..>On average it took 2 days in order to 
               | complete...
               | one of the planes that exist in the original Stunt Island...
               | We feel that it is too complex for users to spend that time...
               | to get professional results from their props. GA
       Jim Ross/Host: Remark from Jim Ross. You ought to see what Flight 
               | Simulator scenery
               | designers can do. Give us a crack at it.  GA
       Disney Software: Disney/Cary..>Our objects have a lot more non-obvious 
               | data...
               | associated with them (execution speed, animation, 
               | collision...). Ga
       Jim Ross/Host: Thanks, Cary. Followup Jay?
       Jay     | No...thanks!  GA
       Jim Ross/Host: O.k. C Lafferty, you're on. GA
       r C. Lafferty: When you said FULL upgrade, were you refering to expansion 
               | disks, version updates, or a NEW program (like Stunt Island 
               | II).? GA
       Jim Ross/Host: Good question. Diz?
       Disney Software: Disney/Ron..>I was referring to Stunt Island II, the 
               | next release will be an interim upgrade. GA
       Jim Ross/Host: Hoho. Followup, CL?
       Disney Software: Disney/Dave..>Santa!
       r C. Lafferty: YES!!
       Jim Ross/Host: You mean by Xmas, DAVE?  GA, CL.
       r C. Lafferty: Well, you opened up a whole can of words saying that!! 
               | SANTA? Does that mean christmas..? And how well has Stunt 
               | island done.? GA
       Disney Software: Disney/Dave..>No, I meant Jim's hoho! 
       R MacKay/MicroWINGS: Yo, what's up?
       Jim Ross/Host: Now's the time to tell of the prizes you've won, Diz.
       Disney Software: Disney/Leonard..>We won the Golden Triad from Computer 
               | Game Review magazin...
               | The SPA Award for Best Consumer Product of 1992...
               | And many top 10 critics lists in magazines all over the world!
       Jim Ross/Host: Gee. How's that for a slow ball over the plate, Diz?
               | Now, Rick Lee, floor yours again.
       Disney Software: Disney/Ron..>We don't have a firm date to announce for 
               | the add-on upgrade yet!
       Rick L./Assoc SysOp: George asked my question...
       Rick L./Assoc SysOp: I was going to ask about more "pilotable"...
               | vehicles such as cars, trucks, people...
               | I would like to make one point...
               | if you get a sizable core of dedicated users...
               | you shouldn't underestimate their dedication...
               | and willingness to spend serious time on projects such...
               | as scenery and vehicle design...
               | subLOGIC was begged for a scenery designer for years and...
               | they continually told us it was over our heads...
               | When another company finally gave us some design tools...
               | the users went completely bananas...
               | and showed the professionals a thing or two.  GA.
       Jim Ross/Host: Hehe. Quite right. Comments, Diz?
               | They're thunderstruck.
       Disney Software: Disney/Cary..>Our data structures include something that 
               | only the prprogrammers can create.  It really is too 
               | complicated, not to mention
               | we have to design and support it.
       Jim Ross/Host: Followup, Rick?
       Rick L./Assoc SysOp: Just to say that I know the design tools...
               | might be difficult to create...
       Rick L./Assoc SysOp: I recall many of the same types of things...
               | said about FS4 scenery...
               | especially in the area of "prioritization", etc...
               | just something to keep in mind for the future.
       Disney Software: Disney/Dave..>We are not saying it will never happen, 
               | just not in the immediate future.
       Disney Software: Disney/Ron..>We will do that.  Thanks for the input!
       Jim Ross/Host: Looking forward to it. Now, Dick Campbell, front and 
               | center. GA Dick.
       Dick Campbell: Regarding the making of Objects register on a Collision 
               | window in order to start an event. 
               | I had trouble getting the Pteradactly to register a hit on
               | a Collision window until I place a large Invisible
               | sphere around the Pteradactly. 
               | It took me many hours of trial to discover that,
       Jim Ross/Host: Hehe Them Ptero-whatevers were always a bit screwy. 
               | Comment, Diz?
       Dick Campbell: but once I did I waas able to start an event at exactly 
               | the right momemt I wanted to
               | Is this the case with every object or just with the Pteradactly?
       Jim Ross/Host: comments, Diz?
       Disney Software: Disney/Dave..>We will have to take a look at the Ptery, 
               | maybe there is a bug! 
               | However, the first...
               | suggestion here is to make sure that COLLISION is on on both 
               | objects.  If you
               | can upload the SET file to me, I will take a look at it!
       Jim Ross/Host: Followup, Dick?
       Dick Campbell: Ok--I still have
               | it because I am still working on the film. Ga
       Jim Ross/Host: Fine, Dick. Now, Lee Perkins. GA Lee.
       Lee Perkins: By non-obvious data, do you mean things like 'Gouraud'(sp) 
               | shading. I really liked that. GA
       Disney Software: Disney/Ron..>No, we mean things that accelerate the 
               | performance of the 
               | polygon engine, which allows us to have ...
               | more polygons on the screen per frame. GA
       Jim Ross/Host: Yup. Follwup, Lee?
       Lee Perkins: I just wish I..
               | could DE-celerate the polygons at the end of a snap roll  GA
       Rick L./Assoc SysOp: Hehe
       Disney Software: Disney/Cary..>We are constantly tweaking the flight 
               | model engine, but can't promise anything at the moment.
       Jim Ross/Host: Rightyho. George White (a famous movie director):  
       George White: As a part time coder...
       George White: I am curious about the language you coded it in...
               | 'C', ASM?? Any info on the development would be interesting!!
               | GA
       Disney Software: Disney/Cary..>Interpreted COBOL!
       George White: HAHA
       Disney Software: NOT!  All assembler!
       Jim Ross/Host: Followup, Geo?
       George White: yes...
               | Any plans for a utility that creates a .AVI file from a film. GA
       Jim Ross/Host: What's an .AVI, Geo?
       Disney Software: Disney/Cary..>No.  I won't tell you who's laughing here! 
               |  That's a good idea for the
               | future though! 
       Disney Software: Disney/Cary..>.AVI is the Microsoft Video file format, 
               | Audio Video Interleave, AVI! 
       Jim Ross/Host: Now: C Lafferty one more time [then he's gotta go]. 
       r C. Lafferty: Besides awards, has Stunt Island sold well.?  And do you 
               | have any projected release time for SI 2 .?
       Disney Software: Disney/Ron..>Yes, it has sold well, and we have not 
               | fixed a release...
               | date for any of the followup products.  The add-on is next, 
               | followed...
               | way down the line by a SI Mark II!
       Jim Ross/Host: Followup, CL?
       r C. Lafferty: How about doing a "films" disk, of just films people can 
               | view and edit....
               | SI Mark II.. What's the Mark mean.?
       Disney Software: Disney/Dave..>That would be Stunt Island II, I was 
               | gettin' fancy!
               | Disney/Dave..>You are free to do what you like with any of the 
               | films on our BBS...
               | and I am working on a film that contains the best of the films 
               | we have so far!
       Jim Ross/Host: And there are a good many films on FSFORUM and 
               | GAMBPUB, too.
       Disney Software: Disney/Dave..>True! Forgot that!
       Jim Ross/Host: Don't EVER want to forget FSFORUM and GAMBPUB.
       Disney Software: Disney/Dave..>30 lashes for me!
       Jim Ross/Host: Now, floor open for "?"s. Dave Renken, Pete Paglia? 
               | Answer with "?".
       r C. Lafferty: ok.. Thanks for the info.!!  I'm outa here! But hey GREAT 
               | GAME!! it really is amazing, so pat yourself on the back!! 
               | BYE!!!
       Jim Ross/Host: Now, Dick Campbell. GA, Dick.
       Dick Campbell: What about doing a cooperative...
               | film with a number of users all doing specific...
               | parts of the film....
               | then combining them all in to one major film...
               | The film segments would have the same theme...
               | just like Hollywood motion pictures...
               | I think that would be a really neat thing to try ....
               | and a real learning experience for the software...
       Jim Ross/Host: Comments, Diz?
       Disney Software: Disney/Leonard..>We tried that with our third demo 
               | film...
       Disney Software: it didn't flow too well..
               | Disney/Dave..>You would need a good script and everyone would 
               | have to follow it closely!  GA
       Jim Ross/Host: O.k. Followup, Dick?
       Dick Campbell: Yes--...
               | I can see where things might go wrong...
               | but I think it would be possible....
       Disney Software: Disney/Dave..>Give it a shot!  Lots of people would be 
               | interested I am sure!
       George White: How long was the ...
               | development time and how close to the original design was the 
               | end product. GA
       Disney Software: Disney/Ron..>The program was developed over the course 
               | of 2 years...
               | but the bulk of development happened over the last 12 
               | months.....
               | The program was very close to the original feeling we wanted...
               | but the design document and the final product were very 
               | different! GA
       Jim Ross/Host: Right. Followup, GW?
       George White: yes...
               | Since SI is selling well do you see other companies selling 
               | products like this...
               | maybe other programs that create movies. GA
       Jim Ross/Host: Foresee any cheap immytashuns, Diz?
       Disney Software: Disney/Ron..>That's up to the individual companies.
       Disney Software: Disney/Dave..>It's a neat market though!  Lot's of areas 
               | could be covered!
       Jim Ross/Host: Hokay. Lee Perkins, front and center. Lee, GA.
       Lee Perkins: If you ever decide to take up Dick's idea about the long 
               | movie, could we leave out the obligatory bombing of the Country 
               | Western Bar, I g
       Jim Ross/Host: He's cut off in mid-sentence. . .Lee, you with us?
       Lee Perkins: to go play one here in about 5 minutes..
       Rick L./Assoc SysOp: Hehe
       Disney Software: Disney/Dave..>And I am setting up a B1 to nuke it as we 
               | speak! 
       Lee Perkins: But congratulations on a great game that will keep...
               | me busy for many hundreds of hours.Thanks. GA
       Jim Ross/Host: O.k. End of queue or whatever. More questions, 
               | anybody? 
       Disney Software: Disney/Dave..>Thanks Lee, have fun at the bar! 
       Jim Ross/Host: Fire away, GW.
       George White: Is there any easier way to place the...
       George White: letters than one at a time? GA
       Disney Software: Disney/Ron..>No.
       Disney Software: Disney/Dave..>It's a tedious, time consuming task! 
       Jim Ross/Host: So is stringing them all together, though. Followup, GW?
       George White: yes..
               | I would also like a way to jump right to a MM:SS frame in the 
               | editor. The...
               | fast forward is too slow for a 15 minute movie. GA
       Jim Ross/Host: Oh boy that would be nice. Comments, Diz?
       Disney Software: Disney/Ron..>We will consider that for future revs, ...
               | it would increase the size of the films.
       George White: ok...
               | I assume that the only data stored in the .flm file is the 
               | props and the location and motion...
               | of the objects. The actual frames are created on the fly. Is 
               | that correct? GA
       Disney Software: Disney/Cary..>Yes.  But the number of references would 
               | double along...
               | with other house keeping information for film editing, etc. GA
       Jim Ross/Host: Right. Followup, GW?
       George White: no. GA
       Jim Ross/Host: Hokay. I'm about ready to close this down. But, as 
               | they say at the bar,
               | one more round. . . Questions, anybody?
       Jim Ross/Host: Failing that. I would like to thank all of you 
               | Disneys profusely for your
       George White: When is the book coming out? GA
       Jim Ross/Host: patience and forbearance.
               | Ah yes, the book. Diz?
       Disney Software: Disney/Dave..>We are not sure of the exact release date, 
               | but it is...
               | being printed as we type!  There is also SIUPDATE for those of 
               | you who...
               | haven't seen it.  Download SIUPDA.ZIP from ...
               | GAMBPUB in the Disney/Buena Vista Library/ Number 8. GA
       Jim Ross/Host: No, that's library 6 on GAMBPUB. Just did it myself 
               | tonite. Great!
       Disney Software: Whoops!  It's Jim's fault, he told me 8 earlier! 
       Dick Campbell: Is that the March issue ga
       Jim Ross/Host: For those who might not have seen it [yup, my 
               | mistake, Dave!) that SIUPDATE
       Jim Ross/Host: is worth a lot. Each issue gets better. *Full* list 
               | of files, tutorials,
               | etc.
               | Yes, Dave, sorry, GA.
       Disney Software: Disney/Dave..>Yes, that's the latest, just cleared by 
               | Nightie yesterday!
       Jim Ross/Host: All righty. Any last minute word, anybody?
       George White: just...
               | I am ready to throw money your way for new product. I will be 
               | waiting. GA
       Disney Software: Disney/Dave..>Our bankers are waiting ! 
       Dick Campbell: Thanks for creating a super program...
       Disney Software: Disney/Dave..>Thanks everyone for joining us tonight!
       Dick Campbell: I am glad I got it
       Disney Software: Disney/Ron..>Keep those comments coming!
       Rick L./Assoc SysOp: 
       Wimp/Ass't.SysOp: <--- breaking protocol to applaud  :)
       Disney Software: Disney/Dave.Disney> BOWING
       Jim Ross/Host: On to better flying and better movies. And, Diz, we 
               | got by without *one*
               | comment about the flyability of your planes!!!
               | The Wimp has been lurking for a while. Typical of wimps.
       Wimp/Ass't.SysOp: o:)
       Jim Ross/Host: I hereby declare the conference closed and the bar 
               | open.
       Rick L./Assoc SysOp: 
       Disney Software: Disney..>Good night all!
       Rick L./Assoc SysOp: 
       Wimp/Ass't.SysOp: <--- restraining self from getting out the bartender 
               | macros
       Rick L./Assoc SysOp: 
       Jim Ross/Host: Nightynite. Sorry Adrian couldn't make it. But 
               | thanks to all GREAT CON.
       George White: Thanks DISNEY and Jim!!!
       Wimp/Ass't.SysOp: Sorry I only caught the end... had pressing affairs of 
               | state
               | (calling girlfriend that is)  :D
       Jim Ross/Host: We need that applause like in the SI theatre!!
               | Well, maybe you're not as wimpish as I thought!!
       Wimp/Ass't.SysOp: [S Thunderous Applause]  --- oh, sorry, wrong system  ;)
       Jim Ross/Host: Speaking of girl friends. My wife just back from CA. 
               | You'll excuse me,
               | folks. . . . . Transcript of conference as soon as we can make 
               | it, folks
       Disney Software: Disney/Dave..>Disney/Dave..>I will hang around for any 
               | afterglow questions! 
       George White: Disney, I would have paid double what you charge for the 
               | game!
       Wimp/Ass't.SysOp: What's the air speed velocity of an unladen sparrow?
       Jim Ross/Host: Do that, Dave, and I'll send you the transcript and 
               | you can add 'em if
               | necessary.
               | Wimp: 2 times a pterodactyl.
       Disney Software: Disney/Dave..>Hey, it's a FAST Ptery!
       Wimp/Ass't.SysOp: Hehehe... the slewodactyl you mean  :)
       Jim Ross/Host: Poofitypoof. See y'all.
       Wimp/Ass't.SysOp: Wow, a poof with panache!
       Disney Software: Disney/Dave..>You know what they say about those panache 
               | guys! ;)
       Wimp/Ass't.SysOp: Thanks, Dave --- sorry I missed the best part of the 
               | show!
       Disney Software: Rick, I really expected flight model questions from you?
       Wimp/Ass't.SysOp: I'll have to snag the transcript when it comes out  :)
       Disney Software: Owell, just read the book!
       Rick L./Assoc SysOp: Well.. I'm under NDA on that!
       Wimp/Ass't.SysOp: <--- gave up flight model questions for Lent
       Disney Software: I think you guys put a bug in their ears though on some 
               | stuff!
               | I too would like a prop editor!  Wish they would try anyway!
       Rick L./Assoc SysOp: I've gotta run... see you guys later...
       George White: Disney, Do you use outside beta testers?
       Rick L./Assoc SysOp: and hearty congratulations for all of the awards!!
       Wimp/Ass't.SysOp: Bug?  Did somebody say bug?
       Rick L./Assoc SysOp: You really deserve it...
               | for creating a new genre.
       Disney Software: Disney/Dave..>Not at this time George, unless it's a
               | special instance.
       Wimp/Ass't.SysOp: Seeya Rick!  And megadittos!