Stunt Island Product Info

You've seen the amazing stunts:  An out of control biplane plowing through 
a barn.  A jet crash-landing on crowded city streets.  A crazy pilot playing
cat-and-mouse with a speeding car.  Now you can fly and film these - plus 
hundreds of others that you create - in Hollywood's only location dedicated
exclusively to the filming of high-risk stunts - Stunt Island!


*     640K (need 570K of free RAM),  2 MB or more of RAM is HIGHLY 
      RECOMMENDED.  (Supports Extended or Expanded memory)

*     386SX 16 MHz processor (386DX 33 MHz or faster is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)

*     VGA 256 color and color monitor

*     Hard disk drive (requires 13 MB of free disk space)

*     PC DOS/MS DOS (supports 3.3 to 5.0)

Recommended Options

*     Joystick, Flight Stick or Flight Yoke

*     Mouse with 100% Microsoft compatible driver

*     The Sound Source, Tandy Sound (DAC), PS/1 Audio Card, Thunder Board
      or Sound Blaster

*     Roland MT32/LAPC-1 or AdLib

*     Extended or Expanded memory

Product Category:  Entertainment/Simulation
Medium:            3.5" (1.44 MB) or
                   5.25" (1.2 MB) disks
                   Product is not dual packed - 5.25" and 3.5" versions
                   are available separately.

Product Description

Stunt Island combines a first-rate simulation with Hollywood film making 
techniques.  Experience the challenges of a stunt pilot, as you coax your 
plane to crash with perfection.  Film your stunts with cameras which can 
be placed on other planes, moving objects, inside buildings - anywhere!  
Get an insight into an editor's life, as you take your raw footage and 
splice them together into action packed segments.  Take on the director's 
role, as you specify the mood-setting location and props.  Designed in 
conjunction with real Hollywood stunt coordinators, editors, and producers 
for authenticity.

Key Product Features

*     Flying: Pilot 45 different aircraft, from a hang glider to a WWI 
      Fokker Triplane to a commercial jet airliner, as well as modern 
      military aircraft.

*     Set Construction: Film at 34 diverse locations already set up for 
      filming, or create your own set from scratch using over 800 
      pre-built buildings, objects and more.

*     Cameras: Position up to eight cameras to catch all the action 

*     Editing: Create the perfect action sequence in the state-of-the-art
      editing facility.

*     Sound: Incorporate music and sound effects to enhance the drama 
      (supports The Sound Source, Tandy Sound (DAC), PS/1 Audio Card 
      Thunder Board or Sound Blaster).  Inject voice-over into your 
      film with a Sound Blaster card and a microphone.

*     Visual: 256 color VGA, 3-D polygon graphics featuring Gouraud shading.

Technical Support:

Contact:  Disney Software Customer Service Department 
          Phone:  (818) 841-3326
          FAX:    (818) 846-0454
          BBS:    (818) 567-4027  (8, N, 1 - 300 through 9600 baud)

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