Welcome to Llama Entertainment's web page. LE is a Stunt Island production studio. We have created one film so far, PittJet, which you can find out about below.


Llama Entertainment proudly presents its first film, PittJet! Directed by Doug Armknecht, PittJet involves terrorists using a modified stunt plane. Strange? Yes. Different? Of course. Stupid? No way! PittJet uses stunning special effects, new props, and fully digital music. Here are some other facts about the film:

Total Time (Min:Sec) 21:03
Number of Sets 147
Sets per Minute of Film 7
Average Film Time per Set 8.5 sec
Takes Thousands
Explosions 232
Or One Explosion Every .. .. 5.4 seconds
Minutes of Digital Music 15
Days in Production 643
Days Spent Procrastinating Countless

Screen Shots

These are new 3-D screen shots from Stunt Island. You can view them in regular 2-D, but they look much better in 3-D. Here's how: Look at the two images. Now start to cross your eyes. Make sure your eyes are coming together and not going apart as you do with "Magic Eye" images. Looking at your finger in front of your face may help. Keep crossing your eyes until the two images merge to form one in the middle. It will be fuzzy at first, but keep staring at it. In a few moments, you should see the scene in 3-D with true depth.

Click here for further instructions and other screen shots

PittJet, believe it or not, has been around since late 1995. The real production began in June, 1996. I worked on the film off and on until its completion in early 1998. And here it is. Enjoy!

PittJet comes in three parts. Because of new digital music and new props, each part comes with an ALL file, and must be viewed using the new playone. Part 3 was too large to fit in one file, so it has the files "pitjet3a.flm" and "pitjet3b.flm." Also with the Part 3 zipfile, I've included a preview for Ray Montas's upcoming film, Stuntzilla. Download each zipfile, unzip, and load into playone.

Download Pittjet in the Full Archive at the Files Page

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