Stunt Island Files

Stunt Island Archive 2023
The NEW archive, organized and updated with many additional films, documents, etc.
Archived by: Doug Armknecht, 2023
296 MB

Stunt Island Archive 2005
Massive collection of films, docs, and programs
Neil collected these files in 2004 and 2005, and undoubtedly kept dozens of major films from disappearing forever
Archived by: Neil Halelamien, 2005
204 MB

Stunt Island Patch
Game patch #3 will update your program to fix sound issues, remove copy protection, and add Easy/Hard flight models
Published by: Disney Software, 1993
5 MB

Caprica FTP Archive
The definitive collection of early Stunt Island films, from the Disney BBS/FTP. Also included with SI Full Archive
Archived 1992-1995
50 MB

Stunt Island Developer Tools
Code snippets and utilities for reverse-engineering the game. Details on the Hacking SI page.
Archived by: Doug Armknecht, 2021
4 MB

Stunt Island Docs
An archive of the raw files on the Docs Page
Archived by: Doug Armknecht, 2021
8 MB

Stunt Island Music in MIDI Format (external link)
Rich Nagel has extracted all the music from the game to MIDI files (local file mirror)
Extracted by: Rich Nagel, 2012
66 KB

SimCity 4 Map for Stunt Island (external link)
Nice terrain map of the island for use in SimCity 4 (local file mirror)
December 2020
23 MB