Stunt Island Archive

I'm excited to share this project I've been working on for awhile. The goal is to assemble all available Stunt Island related files into a single archive, including a massive library of user created films


The archive is in standard .ZIP format. It contains over 3,300 files including 320 films. Installing DOSBox is highly recommended if you want to view films, edit objects, etc.

Stunt Island Archive
Size: 296MB
Date: December 28, 2023

Stunt Island Archive


Be sure to read the README text file after you extract the archive. It gives detailed descriptions about the contents of the archive. Also check in the Films directory, which contains a README with film viewing instructions, plus a detailed XLSX spreadsheet with information about all the films. The main archive directories are:

Developer - Code and tools for reverse-engineering the game
Docs - Manuals, articles, Email archives
Films - User created films
Images - Cover images, maps, storyboards
Misc - Sets, music, etc.
Patch - Update your game files
SITools - Object editor and custom objects
Websites - Website archives


Neil Halelamien started the Stunt Island Archive in 2004, and collected files through 2005 with help of the SIFA members. This archive stayed online for many years, and helped preserve many important films. I combined that archive with my own collection in 2021, and began finding and adding as many relevant files as I could. Several individuals were kind enough to share files and collections with me, including:

Dean Newbury
Mic Healey
David Arnspiger
Josh Horowitz
Matthew Muhl


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