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Active & Recent Stunt Island Sites

Stunt Island Harbor
Updated in 2023, an extensive fan site that Mic Healey has kept going since 1997
Good information especially on the custom object editor

The Making of Stunt Island
An excellent 2020 interview with Adrian Stephens, with development details about the game. By Fabien Sanglard

Stunt Island Fans and Filmmakers
Facebook group to connect with other Stunt Islanders

Play & Buy Stunt Island

All of these links use the unpatched game version, so you will need aircraft data for copy protection
Also, see my DOSBox page for tips to make your experience more enjoyable

Purchase and download at Good Old Games - Includes DOSBox emulator

Play SI in-browser at Internet Archive

Purchase and download from Steam

Also you can play in-browser at and Classic Reload

Game Info & Review Sites

SI Wiki on GiantBomb
Great site with game info, includes aircaft data for copy protection on unpatched SI

CityState Article
Nice description of what makes Stunt Island special

RockPaperShotgun Article
Interesting retrospective, and some nice user comments at the bottom of this article

PC Gamer Review
A "reinstall" review from 2012


Stunt Island Review on RMC - The Cave
Neil has an awesome, extensive look at the game and its legacy, running on original hardware

Stunt Island Central on YouTube
My YouTube channel featuring Stunt Island films

Let's Play Stunt Island
Seiun revisits the game that got him into gaming in this nice little introduction to SI gameplay

Space Game Junkie Livestream
Good intro to Stunt Island gameplay

GOG Livestream
Stunts and set creation celebrating the launch of SI at Good Old Games

Miscellaneous Links

Stunt Island SimCity Map
Really cool looking map for SimCity 4

Adrian Stephens Biography
Outdated list of projects that SI developer Adrian Stephens has worked on

Stunt Producer
An abandoned project to recreate the game in 2003

Archived Websites (Internet Archive)

The Internet Archive has preserved some of the dozens of SI websites that have existed through the years.
NOTE: Some images and links may not work, but it's still fun to see theses sites frozen in time

The Stunt Island Movie Database
Awesome resource by Kieran Morrissey with film details and ratings

SIFA Headquarters
Nice site from when Bill Romig became SIFA president

Star Wars on Stunt Island
This is Dean Newbury's page, with some cool Star Wars stuff

Free Fall Studios
A list of popular films circa 2000

Stunt Island Square
Simple page by Todd Robbins

Larry's Stunt Island Links
Most of Larry's page was lost, but here is his links page

Boba's World
Star Wars & SI stuff from Chris Hagerthy

1998 iteration 0.7 of the SIFA FAQ on Deadphrog's page

Stunt Island Webring
Remember webrings? This is the info page on Meatbomb's site

Stunt Island Center
Stunt Island tutorial page, now impossible to navigate because it used a Java menu
You can try the Internet Archive site search

Stunt Island Film Archives
Films listed by filmmaker, with basic reviews

The Stunt Island Cyber Drive-in Theater
Bill Romig's site. Featured a new film every month (or so)

Archived Film & Studio Sites

21st Century Frog Productions...Home of the Truck Wars trilogy
Nice studio website by Kieran Morrissey

Falcon's Stunt Island Section
By Josh Horowitz, creator of the Labor Day trilogy

Stuntzilla Page
Stuntzilla is a film so big, it gets its own website!

The Day After Independence Day
Small site for Gavin Wigg's epic ID5

5th Dimension Studios
Fernando Córdoba's page (home of Yoda music video and others)

Digital Acceleration's Stunt Island Movie Page
A bunch of short, bizarre films

LM-480: Films from Wayne and Ray
Film site for Wayne Poe and Ray Montes

LE Icon
This site is home to Llama Entertainment, creators of the film PittJet.


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